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Registration Information

Diamonds of the Reef is committed to providing healthy exotic marine fish and coral to its customers. We feel that our responsibility must go one step further when dealing with rare and exotic fish, we like to ensure that not just anyone can get their hands on one of our fish.

We personally ensure that each hobbyist is experienced and well-suited to handle the species we deal with. The last thing we want is to have another rare fish be neglected or die due to inexperience and irresponsibility.

Member Benefits

We understand that it may seem odd to have to "apply" to become a member, but once a part of the family you will be entitled to many benefits including:

- Ability to procure fish from almost any part of the world

- Rare and exotic livestock at the lowest prices

- Access to the experienced marine hobbyist knowledgebase

- Discounted dry goods

- Fish adoptions

- Private member classifieds
- And more...

Diamonds of the Reef members log-in here